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 RP Rules

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PostSubject: RP Rules   Wed Jan 06, 2010 3:15 pm

Though I am not happy with the whole no guide lines, I suppose I can get over it. However, creating a character requires SOME RULES.

Simple Rules:
1. You will not beg an approver to approve a character. Also, approvers CANNOT approve thier own characters. Why? Because you may not even explain the character enough or you god moded it.

2. NO GOD-MODING. God Modeing is severly annoying and is an awful way to RP. God moding includes; giving your character too many strengths and not enough weaknesses, not giving your character weaknesses, not allowing him/her to get hit in battle, etc.

3. Be original when it comes to names. Not "Zink" or "Soosgay" or stupid crap like that. Now, if your character is named Itchigo I can understand that because Itchigo in japanese means strawberry and is pretty popular.

4. Do not make a character to make fun of a member. I've seen that before, and if I see it again whoever the hell did it will be warned severly and that charater will be deleted. You can't tolerate a member? Teh, do this and we won't tolerate you!

5. Play fair in RPs. It's not fair for someone to be trying to hit your character and you keep saying how your character is dodging or blocking. Now, that is allowed but it's not allowed every single time that character attacks.

6. RPG's will be moderated by the approvers. Every single battle you have going on is going to be closely watched by any one who is allowed to approve. Why? Cause it's our job to ensure your playing fairly. Follow these rules and you won't see us in your thread.

I'm not being harsh, I'm being fair.


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Hylian Knight
Hylian Knight

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PostSubject: Re: RP Rules   Sat Jan 09, 2010 2:02 pm

... (The RPG section is not open right now, so your topic will be locked and put into The Dungeon until it is open. Sorry for any inconveniences.)


Zelda Fan FOREVER!

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Every Game Has a Story, Only One Is a Legend.
-Shigera Miyamoto, and others.

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RP Rules
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