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 Least Favorite Zeldas

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PostSubject: Least Favorite Zeldas   Mon Jan 11, 2010 7:49 am

1. Twilight Princess ~ Why? Because it's the most boring Zelda I have ever played. Granted, it was fun at some parts, such as playing as a wolf which I normally played as when you could transform, but the boss battles were awful and easy. I mean wtf, why did they have to show the big jewel on the head of the second boss? That gave it away. The only one I will admit was the least bit hard was the Yeti battle.

To give TP some credit, gathering the tears of light was a nice surprise other then just finding the damned creature and boom twilight realm is gone. Oh yeah, and the beginning of the game put me to sleep. The least they could've done is have some epic scene where you see Link chopping down the wood thats on Epona's back.

2. Phantom Hourglass ~ I liked it a first, but when I finally got to play TWW after how many so years, I realized PH was awful. It was easy, no interesting characters except for Linebeck, and what the hell did they do to Tetra? What happened to her badassness from WW? Why is she suddenly a moron who jumps on a ship and is caught automatcially? She's a pirate, she'd be able to defend herself for awhile. :/

Do not insult anyone when saying so. I'm sorry if anyone got hurt or angry by these.


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Gerudo Theif
Gerudo Theif

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PostSubject: Re: Least Favorite Zeldas   Mon Jan 11, 2010 9:57 pm

1: PH- horrid. It ruined Zelda. It had its small fun here and there, like some of the mini-games...but other than that it sent Zelda downhill big time. Where's the B-button sword? Where's the pad/control stick? It wouldn't have been so bad if they had the OPTION of playing it old school. Compare this game to masterpieces like OOT and Alttp, and you see how terrible it was. All the game was was flicking your stylus. And to top it all off, no real musical instrument! There was nothing to this game and it looked like they spent a month on it. Oh, and the pirates were there for like 10 seconds!

2: ST- okay, it's a better version of PH. Better by far, though. I mean, it had the same gripes as PH only it was more fun and there was more running around and more fun than PH. BUT compared to EVERY.OTHER.FREAKING.ZELDA GAME, it sucked horribly. You'd think nowadays they'd have better games...
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Hylian Knight
Hylian Knight

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PostSubject: Re: Least Favorite Zeldas   Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:25 pm

AoL- Hardest Zelda Game Ever. The gameplay at tiomes related to Mario, and the game reset your level every game over you got. The bosses were extremely hard, and it had the worst ending ever. That's all I'll say... for now.

PH- You didn't get to swim, (AND YOU WERE ON THE OCEAN!) The game was easy. And that stupid Ocean Temple you went back and forth to was horrible. The sailing was horrible and you couldn't control the ship. It was hard to find ship parts, and worst of all there was no land at all. Despite the few islands they had.

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PostSubject: Re: Least Favorite Zeldas   

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Least Favorite Zeldas
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