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 Welcome to the HF SHow of a Lifetime!!!

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PostSubject: Welcome to the HF SHow of a Lifetime!!!   Sun Feb 07, 2010 10:03 am

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our Show! If you recall one of my threads, I suggested that a show be made, and since no one had any objections....

(Hey dude.....No one even answered you, only what's his name did)

It's Kaynil and be respectful troll,

(Oh and what are ya gonna do? Make me do the macarena?)

Don't turn it into a suggestion mate, you'll regret it. Anyway This is only the opening post so please enjoy the show!!!

If you have Comments and concerns, Reactions, ideas or complaints, PLEASE do NOT post them here, PM them to me Instead!

(Dude... they're just gonna say something, why not-*BANG*)

Anyway, the reason for this is because i want the show to be fun! No bad Comments and such cause we will read upon the old post for fun! Afterall the point of the show is to help people have fun and make them enjoy HF while they Visit!

Anyway this is only the opening Post so nothing will happen yet, stay tuned!

(Right....afterall.....We....are...just a.....sorry..excuse of... a *BANG*)

That's enough out of you.


Hello and welcome to the show of a-

Dude enough.....you suck ass

......You ruined my new intro man... Not sweet

"Not Sweet.." Is taht the best thing you can say?

Well I..

You suck dude.
No i don't
Yes ya do
No i frickin' do not
Yes you ferking do
What? I can't say words that might offend the children of this site
That's....Uh considerate of you troll, That's the first i have heard of it
From me? Yes it is and it will be the last, Squirmy

Anyway Our show starts today! Even though i can't come up with a script..
You haven't done a script? You really suck, after weeks and weeks of nothing YOU came up with NOTHING at ALL??!!! YOu suck like *BANG*

Anyway since this show cannot much go on since i have no idea what to do..
Try selling Drugs to the HF people
DO NOT Include Pepsi here!
Pepsi ain't a drug!
Well.....Virgin Cola is!
......O....K... I am out of this loco world.... I'll be in my office waiting for my salary, remember ya gave me 4 times of what you paid me last time.
which would be......a dollar
Yep that's what i need

Ok now that chapter one has been finished, since troll went to his office.... I leave you....


If you were a Billionaire, what would you buy from the internet to contribute the Site?

Oh and let me remind you all that every time you see something like this, please answer the question, all i need is anyone to answer this question. And if i like it, I'll put your answer here! and maybe come up with a question and a script related to said question so post away!

Hey dude....Where's the shiatsu, Deep wrinkle Massage, Taco Bell delivery ya promised?

Uh....Coming right up, (I really need to find new cast members.....)

Lawyer: Everything You see here is copyrighted by it's owner, If you steal this idea then your a Big Bast***, And i mean it. Evil or Very Mad bounce


....This place...is dead.... Nothin is Here....

Don't say that! Well it's true the place is so dead the Undead are sleeping under the posts and the shoutbox

Touche, but i still think you could kick LInk out and take over the site! Make it yours! turn this site into a rampaging flame of eternal death, making everything you touch, talk to, feel Suffer your almighty wrath of pain and suffering, And pie!

I'm not a power-hungry, Lame-excuse of a man, Idiotic, retarded moneky like you, Trolly

...the Only reason i'm saying that cause I want the site to live and reign under my supreme coolness, to rule over all noobs, yes ALL noobs and to worship the allmighty Supergoom*BANG BANG BANG* What the hell did you do that FOR?!

Never say ...he-who-must-not-be-named. NEVER say it! Or i'll dock your pay! And remove your privileges!

Do it, ya sorry excuse of a Site staffer!

You.. Take that back!

No, i won't.
Yes you will!
Yes I shall and do forever more with my eternal heart and soul. I'll even give you my Life
NO and that's final!
Ok. No then
That's right! You will never--HEY! You, i just, heck, what the, You... *Activating Hulk Mode* Kingy SMASH!!!
O.O' ok.... uh.. wasn't expecting that.... well i'm uh.. gonna be in my trai-
*Smashes Gold Trailer*
.....Oh Sh*t...

(We interrupt this show do due the brutal, gory scenes that Hulk, i mean err... Kingy has done to the Troll, so therefore we end the show.)

Sponsored by Spirit Tracks, The spirit is always with you It is mostly with you Especially if you have a train.


Last edited by K4KING on Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:31 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Added Chapter 2)
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Welcome to the HF SHow of a Lifetime!!!
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